The New Oaks will combine contemporary design with light open space where people can meet, shop, dine, work and live.

The outdoor plan and design will create a friendly and safe environment for pedestrians and bicyclists, and easy access for cars.

In the evening, the warm, festive atmosphere will be enhanced by ambient lighting from shops, restaurants, residences, walkways and landscaping.

Residential units specifically for seniors will provide attractive, affordable housing next to shopping, restaurants and other amenities, including the City of Cupertino’s senior center located just across Mary Avenue.

Attractively designed residential units create the opportunity for a unique living experience, with all the amenities at one’s finger tips, and easy access to all that downtown Cupertino has to offer.

Help Us Revitalize The Oaks

Twenty-seven years ago, Mark and Ken Tersini started a business in a small office on Stevens Creek Boulevard, following in their father’s footsteps, and began their life’s work of building high-quality residential and commercial properties for the people of Cupertino and surrounding communities. For many years their families frequented The Oaks Shopping Center, so last year when they had the opportunity to purchase the site, they jumped at the chance.

Their vision is to transform the 40-year-old shopping center into a vibrant, modern destination where people can shop, dine, work, live and play. Mark and Ken’s team immediately began working on contemporary designs that respond to the surrounding neighborhood and meet the highest sustainability standards for land planning and building practices. The New Oaks will reduce traffic impacts through street improvements and Traffic Demand Management programs, improve trail and bicycle networks, provide safe routes to schools and helps the city meet its affordable housing goals.

What’s in The New Oaks?

When completed, The New Oaks will create a multitude of benefits for Cupertino, including:

  • A new hotel
  • Popular retail locations
  • Residential and senior housing
  • Class A office space on a smaller footprint
  • $2.5 million in annual new net tax revenue
  • $13 million in impact fees for the city and local school districts
  • $8 million of additional community benefits and amenities
  • Permanent new jobs
  • New pedestrian walkways and bike paths
  • Traffic improvements for Mary Avenue and Stevens Creek Boulevard

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Together, as a community, we can make The New Oaks a reality.